WJH attorneys Patrick Toole, Jena Harlos, and Cameron Peyton serve as advisors to high school students in the Law Lab at the Center for Advanced Research and Technology (“CART”). Each team, comprised of 4 to 5 students, selects a community issue of interest with a focus on teens. Issues range from prescription drug abuse to homelessness/poverty to mental health/suicide. With the assistance of advisors, the students explore their topic from the standpoint of the legal environment in which it exists and develop a perspective that allows them to see the issue from multiple points of view. The students determine what affirmative action they can take to address the issue and effect change, whether it is partnering with a local community group to expand its outreach, organizing fun educational events at middle schools to foster an appreciation for diversity and combat discrimination, or working with schools to bring awareness to the resources available to students who are bullied. The students then give a presentation to community leaders, including judges and school board members.